British horses get shot at Hollywood stardom

Could your horse become the ‘Wilhelm Whinny’?

The 'Wilhelm Scream' has an iconic status in film: a single sound effect of a shriek that has become an in-joke amongst Hollywood sound editors, and can be heard in Star Wars, the Indiana Jones series, Disney films, and countless other blockbusters. Classic examples can be seen in this video.

Inspired by this, we’ve teamed up with world-famous film music and sound library, De Wolfe Music - suppliers of sound and music for such blockbusters as Brokeback Mountain, American Gangster, and Dawn of the Dead - to allow a hitherto-unknown horse the chance to achieve celluloid immortality by providing the ‘Wilhelm Whinny’: a short recording of a horse noise which will be added to De Wolfe’s archive and potentially used in movies for decades to come.

Our initiative is being undertaken with the support of the UK’s leading horse charity, Redwings.

We’re calling on you, our users, to submit a high-quality recording of your horse - neighing, whinnying, snorting, or nickering - via the sound recording feature in the Equilab app.

A panel of judges from Equilab, De Wolfe, and Redwings will select the winning horse from the submissions.

If you don’t have the app yet, download it for iPhone and Android!

Once in the app, click 'Join the competition' in the startview and upload your video of your horse neighing, whinnying, snorting, or nickering!