Equilab for Android Wear 2.0

Track your horseback riding even easier with our new smartwatch app.

Equilab is now available on Android Wear 2.0 which makes it even easier to automatically keep track of your riding. Get live updates to your smartwatch while riding! Monitor your exercises and make sure you balanced it in the best possible way for your equestrian goals. As usual Equilab will keep track of all of your horse movements but now some of this data will be available directly on your wrist and make it possible for you to get insights about the ride while still in your saddle.

Our latest wearable app – which let you get live updates from the training now works with all Android Wear 2.0 devices, and is fully optimised for the new CASIO PRO TREK Smart watch.

Simply pair your phone with your smartwatch, carry your phone in a tight pocket and control the app from your wrist as you are positioned in the saddle. Tracking you riding adventure has never been easier!

View the full list of compatible Android Wear 2.0 devices at android.com/wear

Equilab optimised for CASIO PRO TREK Smart watch

Equilab for Android Wear 2.0 has been developed in cooperation with CASIO and is fully optimised for the CASIO PRO TREK Smart watch.

Combining Android Wear software with Equilabs unique software to track your horseback riding, the PRO TREK Smart brings military-grade durability, built-in barometer, power-saving GPS chip, and dual screen technology. It’s the ideal rugged smartwatch package for equestrian enthusiasts.

Learn more about the CASIO PRO TREK Smart here.