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We all love horses and wants what’s best for them. This requires us to keep track of our horses and exercise them in a sustainable way. We hope to make this a little bit easier by helping you to automatically track your trainings with the help of your phone. This will help you keep better control over your exercises and make sure you balanced it in the best possible way for your horse & goals.

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By using Equilab you will track a lot of things that you need to keep balanced such as the

Disciplines & Goals

Regardless of which discipline you compete in or which goals you have we hope to give you some new insights into how you exercise.

Multiple Horses

Keep separated track records of how each horse has been exercised and follow their development

Coaching & Co-riders

Make it easier to organize your exercises by enabling live updates of how the horse has been exercised, even when you are not there!


Automatically collect information about your training by turning on Equilab and keeping the phone in your pocket while riding.

Track your horseback experience
Performance of horseback training


Afterwards you can analyze your training by looking at your performance, energy consumption, gait distrubution, intensity jumps, intensity,stride, beat, pace, distance, speed,surface hardness, nr of jumps, etc....

Performance of horseback training


Look at your weekly or monthly trends and get an understanding if you have balanced your training correctly. Get insights into how much you variated your training and if you followed your plan.

Check out your equestrian trends and take better care of your horse
Performance of horseback training


See how your co-riders have exercised or give your coach more insights into how you ride when he/she's not there

Performance of horseback training

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