Capture your ride

Get the awesome power to track your training. Like an imaginary friend keeping an eye on your gait, beat, stride, distance...

Capture your ride

Track your progress

Compare actions with results! Find patterns in your training that inspires success for you and your horse.

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Come home safe

Share your position live from the saddle with your close ones. Let them follow you until you’re back safe.

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Organize your riding

Plan and organize your riding together with your team! Check out what's happening at the stable and adapt!

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Share your journey

Let your friends, co-riders, coach, and veterinarian know what you are up to by joining the largest social network for equestrians.

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Bring the stable together

With all of your communication and tools in one place, everyone will stay up to date no matter where they are.

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Our path

With great courage and passion for the equestrian sport, Equilab is expanding the world for equestrians. We believe that the world’s most dedicated athletes deserve pioneering solutions born from their own words and wishes. Therefore, we will not settle before we have done all we can to help you reach your goals.

We have so far made it possible for riders to deepen the connection with their horse by making hidden information about their trainings visible. By using Equilab you get a detailed summary of every hoofbeat your horse has taken. Use it as the powerful insight it is; to become better, to notice differences, reach goals and have full control over your training pattern which you can share with your team.

We are building something big for equestrians from their own wishes. Do you have aspirations in the saddle? We have aspirations to help you reach your goals. Welcome to join the journey.

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